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What’s Fresh | May 9th 2016

Here’s an updated list of what’s been here at the farm stand!   Strawberries (limited quantity!) Fuji apples Cherries Ginger root Fuerte Avocados All kinds of citrus! Tangelos Tangerines Pink grapefruit Valencia oranges Navel oranges Eureka lemons Zucchini squash Spring onions Redleaf lettuce Romane lettuce Collard greens Celery Spring mix Baby spinach Dinosaur kale Red […]

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September Pickins | San Diego’s Sustainable Farm & CSA

Hey all!! I can smell Fall in the air today. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂 Here’s what’s fresh at the stand:   Pomegranates Granny Smith apples Fuji apples Gala apples Asian pears Pluots Yellow peaches White peaches Limes Lemons Grapes red and black Heirloom tomatoes Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes Yellow crookneck squash Zucchini squash Serano pepper […]

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What’s Fresh | May 8th, 2015 | San Diego’s Sustainable Farm and & CSA

Hey guys! The seasons are slowly transitioning into new crops. We’re phasing out of citrus, and we’re starting to see some stone fruits! This is what’s at the stand this week: Some new salads, from mild to spicy and a few in between! Apricots Apples Avocados Early peaches (limited) Limes Spring onions Beets Zesty greens […]

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Farm Update | February 26th, 2015 | San Diego’s Sustainable Farm Stand & CSA

Couple Berry Farms Stock up before the rain We’re open today- Saturday, and we’d love to see you! Did you know this is the first year that we’ve stayed open year-round?? Thank you so much for your support! It’s because of our great customers that we were able to make that happen! We’ve got even […]

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What’s Fresh this Week | January 30th, 2015 | Vista’s Natural Farm Stand & CSA

Hey all! Here’s what’s going on this week!   Valentine’s Day First, we have Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for preorder right now. Skip the carnations and dozen roses from the grocery store and order your loved one a custom made bouquet or centerpiece instead! It really goes the extra mile. Preorder yours here!   In […]

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Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements

Skip the cheesy carnations and store bought roses this year, and bring home a custom, hand arranged bouquet for your Valentine! This year, we’re hosting signups for Valentine floral arrangements by Megan Johnson (one of the farmer’s daughters!) Arrangements are made of gorgeous garden roses, anemonies, tulips, and a variety of assorted flowers.   Sizes: There […]

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What’s in Stock for the New Year | San Diego’s Natural Farms Stand & CSA

It’s a new season, and here’s a little photo update on the farm! Default Gallery Type Template This is the default gallery type template, located in: /home/ctpii/public_html/hosted/ If you’re seeing this, it’s because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it’s own. CSA Our CSA program is growing and growing, and […]

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What’s Fresh This Week | San Diego Farm Stand and CSA

  What’s Fresh Apple Persimmon Pears Tangerines Acorn squash Butternut squash Spaghetti squash Kale Kale (dinosaur) Bok choy Chinese cabbage Green cabbage Mizuna purple Mizuna green Heirloom mustard Cilantro Arugula Spring onions Parsley Curly Cress Collard greens Rainbow chard Zucchini squash Carrots Radishes Beets Eggplant   Remember, you can still  enter the apple corer giveaway! […]

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Thanksgiving Giveaway

It’s giveaway time at Couple Berry Farms! We love our customers and are so happy to have hit 600 fans on Facebook. You guys made that happen by spreading the word about our family farm. We’re so grateful for your support!   To say thank you, we’re giving away a Spiral Apple Corer to one […]

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The Season’s are Changing! See Which Fall Fav’s are Stock This Week

There’s no better time to join our CSA Program We wanted to let you all in on an amazing special going on right now! Every subscription to our CSA program gets $10 to spend at the farm.  Even better? Customers who sign up for their pick up over at our friends at Apothecary Off Main ALSO get $10 […]

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