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Canyon Harvest

Pasture-Raised Chickens by Jeff and Melissa Taylor

Our story is similar to many others. We discovered that we had no idea where our food was coming from or how it was raised, and we wanted better. We wanted to change that. It was uncanny to see our health improve as we changed our lifestyle.

We live on property carved out by my great grandfather in the 1920’s. Our family has always grown our own vegetables, I grew up running between green bean poles and catching lizards. Several years ago, my dad extended this family garden into a community farm stand, Couple Berry Farms.

My husband, Jeff a lumber salesman and I, a farmer’s daughter and lifestyle photographer, have started a new adventure, pasture raised chickens.

Our goal is to provide meats from chickens that lived a great life; a gmo- free diet, a happy life in grass, dirt to scratch in, bugs to eat.

We’re starting with 30 chickens and they will be for sale at Couple Berry Farms farm stand in a few weeks.

Join us on our authentic journey, ups and downs, on instagram and Facebook as we take the next steps, to see our chickens living la vida local, and to keep updated on product availability.

Here’s to healthier living!

-Melissa Taylor

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